Currency Conversion using UIpath

I am trying to automate currency conversion process.

BOT must navigate to oanda website to get prior month’s last date usd to eur currency rate

The selectors keep changing and I am not sure how to automate this. Can anyone help me

Hi @hymasharma.vemavarapu

Can you please send the screenshot of selectors and again load the page and send the screenshot of the selectors.


Hello @hymasharma.vemavarapu ,

The xaml attached goes to Currency Converter | Foreign Exchange Rates | OANDA and changes to the previous month based on the current month we are in and extracts the below information.

The XAML for the process :
CurrencyConvertor.xaml (23.3 KB)

Please let me know if the data that is retrieved isn’t the appropriate data needed or any errors occur

Thanks for the work flow. But In my case, I need to change the conversions… like i need to do usd to euro; euro to korean… to select from drop down the selectors are changing… that’s where I am stuck

What do you mean the selector keeps changing?

This works well:


Strict selector: "<webctrl tag='INPUT' id='baseCurrency_currency_autocomplete' type='text' />"


Fuzzy selector: "<webctrl aria-role='option' tag='LI' type='' class='MuiAutocomplete-option' aaname='' check:innerText='EUR*' />"

Thank you… I will try this now

For the other box, the Type Into selector id would be…


Click selector is the same

Hey @hymasharma.vemavarapu ,

Here is the updated workflow for your request -
CurrencyConvertor.xaml (64.1 KB)
The values currencyTypeOne and currencyTypeTwo should be populated with the type of yen you need.

If you want to do for all, you can use a get attribute with items as attribute and using a for each, put each value in the type into for currencyTypeOne and currencyTypeTwo

This works. Thank you so much for your help

you can use API integration with specific website and by providing required parameter you can get the result.