Scraping web site with different information

hello to all I’m trying to recover the exchange rate every day from this site

I tried in different ways (Get Text, Get full text, recording, screen scaping… Currency.xaml (7.1 KB) )but I always get to the same problem where I’m stuck. “Selector not found”

Since the exchange rate is different every day Uipath cannot find the image of the recorded exchange rate…

I enclose the xaml project

Can someone tell me how to do this?

Thank you 1000

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Hi @Sax72,

I am checking you xaml file. just give me some minutes and i will return back to you.

~Diego Turati

Hi @Sax72!

I don’t have Firefox here, i just changed to Chrome, but it doesn’t matter!

The idea is to work with WildCards :

Combined with another activities.So, you can do it using different solutions , for this case i just used Anchor base :

Follow my xaml file :

Currency_DiegoTurati.xaml (8.3 KB)

TIP: To make it be dynamic you need to handle variables inside selectors :wink:

Check if it help you and let me know!

Case yes, just mark this post as solution!

Happy automation

~Diego Turati

Hi Diego, thanks for your support, unfortunately, your xmal doesn’t work :frowning: …I mean when I try to import I receive the following message

and if I run the project doesn’t work
I don’t know if the problem it’s related to the missing images…
I tried to recreate the same workflow and I changed the aaname with a wildcard but doesn’t work as well :frowning:

I enclose all the project with the pictures ( this time I used chrome) (91.8 KB)

Thanks in advance…

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I know what’s happening. I used my full version, same i use here at the company.

I will check using the community one. Give me some minutes. and i will send the updated version to you.

~Diego Turati

I had to do in Internet Explorer. I had some problems here with my Community version.

Check if it works.Look the trick, this HTML has a dynamic htmlwindowname. I had to use Wildcards as well. (977.6 KB)

Another thing: I just change to in order to make it work. You will need to improve the performance ok?

~Diego Turati

Hi Diego,
thank you very much for your support, currently, I don’t understand why you have to check twice the element exist but probably because I’m still a rookie on UiPath…

Anyway now it works…thanks


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Hi @Sax72,

Don’t worry i just had to do an workaround because i am using my business PC , i have business proxy and this notebook is not 100% :slight_smile: . For your case just ignore it ok?

Glad to know it worked and helped you!

Happy automation!

~Diego Turati

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