Not able to select value from dropdown

I am new to Uipath and trying to convert currency vis-à-vis USD on link Currency Converter | Foreign Exchange Rates | OANDA
I saw various links with respect to dropdown selection but could not track the solution.
I am not able to select a currency ‘INR’ in second dropdown. ‘Select Item’ activity is not supporting in this case, so tried with ‘Type into’ activity. It types ‘INR’ but finally selects ‘EUR’ and this would lead to wrong result. Please help me and all ideas are welcome. I am attaching XAML file for your reference.Main.xaml (14.7 KB)

Use click image & type into combination. It should work.

Hi @Deepak11,

Please refer the attached xaml file.
Main (5).xaml (11.2 KB)


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Thanks for your valuable time and inputs. But still I am stuck at the same point. After typing “INR”, the flow is not able to select/click “INR” from drop-down and finally selects “EUR”.

Not sure what to do. Please help.

Thanks for your inputs. But I am still stuck and need help.

I have tested this and its working fine. If you need any changes let me know

Main (5).xaml (11.2 KB)


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Thanks all for help and time.
I am just able to reach the solution. Please see xaml attached.
Main.xaml (15.3 KB)

I tried with ‘Send Hotkeys’ activity after entering “INR” with ‘Type Into’ activity.

Thanks Prankur for your time and inputs.

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