Get a range of values from website

Hi all, I have a range of currencies and I need to convert them in USD from and this needs to be done daily.

Here what I am trying to get is all the currencies (from the drop down list of Oanda) in one column and the conversion rate against USD in another column in a spreadsheet. I have tried using selector for the same. However, somehow it’s not working and throwing error. Can anyone help me with this one? Thanks a ton.

Will you be able to share more details what kind of error you are getting and where?
Better to share the detailed info so most of the forum users can get it easily to help you on this.


Thanks, Aksh. I was able to figure that out. However, I’m facing a new issue now. I have used ‘get text’ to copy the conversion rate. So, the bot collects the conversion rates from the website and stores that in an excel. Assuming that, I have 10 such currencies to be converted, the bot correctly copies the conversion rate for first 9 currencies. However, for 10th one, it copies the conversion rate for the 9th one. Could anyone help me with this one?