Creating a looping desktop recording?

Very new to Ui Path and doing a small task of creating a robot that generates several test accounts for a events website. I have made my recording that works fine and when run opens up the site in a browser and does everything correctly. However I was wondering where to start with making it loop back around if the first process is successful. Any help is appreciated!

An* events website…

@jackcawthra - You can create a spreadsheet with list of ids that you want to create and then read the spreadsheet to a data table and then loop through all items in the data table and perform the required steps to create id.

Bit confused with this sorry, really new to everything. Does this still tie in with my recording? I’ve done a desktop recording as it’s a specific website? I just want a way to loop it through X amount of times.

@jackcawthra - Trying to use the recorded version of the web automation to run multiple times in a loop would be difficult. You will need to modify the web selectors in each activity (where applicable), so that the automation works for each and every run/session. Also the input fields (such as email id and name) must be stored in some location (excel), from which the bot must read that and store in a variable(s). These variable(s) can be used to replace the hardcoded values of email id and name in the code. Then put the entire recorded steps in to a for loop to repeat it.

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