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Hi everybody, I start using UiPath i already know do some basic automated things in Programs and Web.
But i need help for one thing, i did a automatation in web, but i need to repeat one sequence like 50 times in this automatation, how i create a Loop for he repeat that sequence a single times?
I Try search Loop’s in Uipath, and i found if i create a assign with a variable and put this variable +1 we create a loop but i dont know the type of this variable… This automatation is created by recording the clicks and i want do a loop of this sequence of clicks.
Someone can help?
Sorry if my english is bad, hope someone understand.
Best regards,

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Hi @ivopath,

Please follow the below steps.

  • Create an Int32 variable with default value as 0.
  • Add while activity with condition counter>50.
  • Inside the loop, add the repeated process that you need to perform.
  • Increase the counter by 1.
    Please refer the below flow. :smiley:



While counter < 50


You are Correct :smiley:

thanks a lot my friend :slight_smile: Works perfect, im so happy yeah!
Thanks thanks.

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