Help! I need help with a loop for an image!

Hello Everyone!

I am a newbie when it comes to UiPath!

I am trying to do a web recording but use a loop to repeat the same recording on the next record.
My problem seems to be that I am using several images throughout the process and the selectors are being funny too but I have mostly figured that out.

How do I loop this to go onto the next record? I am not trying to scrape anything, I am simply needing the recorder to click on the next button in the first step of the recording.


hi @Tanika

welcome to uipath community :slight_smile:

if you already had a set of activities which you want to loop then just keep those activities inside while or do -while loop and specify a condition to run the loop.

no need to record the steps again and again.



Thanks for your quick reply!

I have watched the tutorials on the while and do-while activities but I am struggling with the condition.

I need the robot to keep finding a certain button for this.

Do you have any suggestions on where I could find Tutorials about while and do-while loops for web and not applications?