Entering different values

Hi, i’m new to UIpath, i have a question.

i’m trying to create a workflow for a really repetitive process, its basically submitting different branch codes (Bank stuff) for a process to take effect. i guess i can use desktop recording to get the workflow for submitting a branch, but how do i configure it to loop and pick the next branch. (there are about 200 branches) so i cant record for each of them continuously.

Hello @nnamdi.young

You should to define how many times you’ll need execute this process, and use the activitie “For each” .

For each branch the process execute

See image below


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Once you have done your recording, the second step to make in configurable is to use variables instead of the values you passed when you did the recording

  1. Where you enter the process id, use a variable process_id
  2. Your data of 200 branches will be in a excel or somewhere u are fetching from, or u may have an array of them.
    So, you use a for each of the item from your source and then put your point 1 into it. that way you application will process all the 200 branches.

Hi @nnamdi.young,

In general I understand your situation. You need to explain it in detail. But I have suggestion base on you question.

The 200 should be in some source like it is in the Excel or CSV file.
If it is yes. you can use the read range or read CSV activities and stored the values into the datatable. And you make the loop by using the For each Row activity . By this loop you can get value by reffering row.Item(0).ToString. In this way you can proceed it.