Loop a recording sequence using different id

hi good day, i am a beginner in UIpath. i have a list of ID numbers… i need to input the ID on the webpage and scrape the generated table… i knew that web recording sequence and data scraping will form a datatable for an ID number… but how about looping the sequence using different ID numbers to generate multiple datatable?

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Use ForEach loop to iterate one by one item from list of Id’s and then pass it to web page to scrape the data.

Hi @Yusuf_Rahmaniac

I suppose you already have the ID’s in a list collection or an array. What you can do is you can use a for each loop to loop through the ids. Within the loop, you have the type into to type the Id in the web page and do the scraping using the data scraping wizard

Fine. No worries
You were almost done with few more steps left
—as we have the list variable ready
We can pass that to a FOR EACH activity as input and change the type argument in the property panel of for each activity as string or int32 based on the type of element that list variables has
—now inside the for each loop use use a OPEN browser and mention the url as a string where we want to scrape the data
—then inside the open browser use assign activity to get the value from the list with for each activity variable like this
out_valueId = item.ToString
Where out_valueid is a string variable while item is the variable from FOR EACH activity that stores the value from the list

—now we can use Data scrapping method and store the output to a datatble variable which can be used or written to a excel where we want
—this will continue as a iteration till all the elements in the list is processed

Simple isn’t it
Hope this would help you
Cheers @Yusuf_Rahmaniac

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Were we able to get this buddy
Any other queries to be discussed further kindly let us know
Cheers @Yusuf_Rahmaniac