Create Form Task - Updating Textfields with values based on Dropdown Selection


I am trying to create a form where the values of the dropdown list will cause text fields to be pre-populated. For example, the dropdown list contains value1, value2, and value3. Each value has a corresponding dictionary that holds information, such as <name, Bob>. Depending on the selection made, the text fields will be updated with the necessary information. Using the key-value pair stated earlier, a text field called “name” will pre-populate with “Bob”. How can I achieve this?

I am unfamiliar with how to create Advanced Logic within the form components, so any guidance would be appreciated!

Hi @jchieng,

Please refer attached sample workflow for Action Center forms.
This contains dynamic dropdowns functionality with form task.
You can use this to customize for your requirement.

Test Action (4.2 KB)

Hope this helps.


I appreciate the suggestion. I have come across this and it seems to only work for the case of conditional dropdowns where a parent dropdown will affect the child dropdown. How can I get a dropdown to affect text fields instead? The suffix “_parent” will not work on text fields from my understanding.

You could try writing JavaScript in logic of your text fields to auto populate when values in the dropdowns change.

See samples of JavaScript usage in actions

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