Auto populating dropdowns in Action Center forms

Hi all,

I have am displaying a data table in an action center form in UiPath. Each row in this data table has a dropdown.
Now, I want to create logic that will autofill the rest of the drop downs in the table once a field in one of the drop downs has been selected.
How can I do this?

Any help / guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @Loveness01 ,
You can you “Find children” , Select Item,…
Could you please share your screen short

To achieve this in UiPath Action Center, you can use JavaScript functions in the form to dynamically update dropdowns based on user selections. Here’s a high-level approach:

  1. Identify HTML Elements:

    • Use JavaScript to identify the HTML elements of the dropdowns.
    • Assign unique identifiers or classes to make it easier to select them in your script.
  2. Add Event Listeners:

    • Attach event listeners to the dropdowns that trigger a function when a selection is made.
  3. JavaScript Function:

    • Write a JavaScript function that gets triggered by the event listener.
    • This function should update the values of other dropdowns based on the selected value.
  4. Retrieve and Update Data:

    • Use JavaScript to fetch or calculate the data needed for autofilling other dropdowns.
    • Update the options of the related dropdowns accordingly.

Here’s a simplified example in JavaScript:

// Add an event listener to each dropdown
document.getElementById("dropdown1").addEventListener("change", function() {
    // Get the selected value
    var selectedValue = this.value;

    // Use selectedValue to fetch or calculate data for other dropdowns
    var newData = getUpdatedData(selectedValue);

    // Update the options of other dropdowns
    updateDropdownOptions("dropdown2", newData.options2);
    updateDropdownOptions("dropdown3", newData.options3);
    // ... add more dropdowns as needed

function getUpdatedData(selectedValue) {
    // Implement logic to fetch or calculate data based on selectedValue
    // Return an object with data for other dropdowns
    return {
        options2: ["OptionA", "OptionB"],
        options3: ["OptionX", "OptionY"]

function updateDropdownOptions(dropdownId, options) {
    // Update options of the specified dropdown
    var dropdown = document.getElementById(dropdownId);
    dropdown.innerHTML = ""; // Clear existing options

    // Add new options
    options.forEach(function(option) {
        var optionElement = document.createElement("option");
        optionElement.value = option;
        optionElement.text = option;

Adjust this code according to your HTML structure and the specific logic you need for autofilling dropdowns in your UiPath Action Center form.