Uipath Action center form query


I have a scenario where I need to display Dictionary value based on user choose the drop-down(key) list.
For example.
List A

Dictionary {A->Apple,B->Ball,C->cat}
Is user Select “c” …

Text field should display “cat”

It is action center form"where I don’t have do block"

Can anybody help me on this.

Okay @moideensha22 You can please try the below approach.

  1. Once user choose drop-down fire the Do block execution - https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/executing-do-block-on-dropdown-option-change

  2. In the Do Block manipulate the text box value using dictionary logic or anything

After this the text box should be populated with the value you need

Hope this helps


Hi we don’t have "do block’ in action center form

Okay sorry. It was Action center then you need to go with Javascript option but still thats a guess if it works on Action center.

I’m trying with {data : {values : data.key_parent[data.value]}}

This works in list dict[of string,list(of string)]…but I tried converting it to string .but no luck

Please share your project here…