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Hello Forum!

Today I come with a Request… A Request to have a conversation (little meetup) about Action Center and “Create Form Task” capabilities. The reason I ask for this is because I not only want a second opinion of a automationn I’m working on, but also because I need someonne who really undestands this topic, so I can ask some question; especifically with drop down list designing Component, as I consider I have basic knowledge of.

If someone with this skills is kind enough to take one hour as much of his time to have this Convesation I’d appreciate it a lot!!

I’ll also make my notice in the UiPath mentor program in case someone thought of that as a possible solution.

Brief explanation of what I want to do:

This automation is in charge of getting Transaction Data from the user, (Which is extracted via a Task on Action Center)
and depending on that Data run certain processes. One of the Data I need to extract Client related Data such as
Name and surname, Date of Bith, Phone Number, Email. So what i want is that The Action Center Task is able to reflect
a dropdowmn list with all my current Dashboard Clients Names, and once the Name and the Date of Birth coincide with
one already onn the Dashboard it can also Reflect the Phone Number and Email, and be able if I want to modify them in
case the client has Update any of those Data. I take the Name and the Date of Birth as my Authentication wall to be
sure that that current input client is the one on my coincide Dashboard.

On the Other hand, I want that if the client is not on my current Dashboard I can be able to add the client with
the same components of my Design Form. What I mean with this is that for example: The dropdown list that would display all
my current clients is unable to take any value that is not on the current list of values so I’d have to use a Text field component
to type the new Client, unless the Dropdown does accept new typed values. This and much other questions comes to my mind when breakingthourgh
this development…

Thank you so much for your attention, i’ll be looking forward for any response.

Hi @Luis_Fernando ,

Do post your Query also at first, so we could understand the question/situation at hand, and if possible we could provide you with a Swift Response.

Do let us have as much detailed info as possible for us to give you better suggestions.

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Okey let me edit then my post…