Create form task is buggy

create form task is very buggy. when i click on open form designer which opens in a minimized mode by default does not load any form data. when i maximize the window then the form data is populated. even after that when i try to add/delete any object i need to shuffle between max and min window just to observe the changes

Hi @RahulNani08
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Can you please post screenshots of how it looks in minimised mode (and/or when it loads without any form data)?
Also, which version of Studio are you currently using?

Hey Ash,
i am using studio version 2021.4.3
i have attached the screenshots which you have requested

Hi @RahulNani08

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Would you be able to attach a zip file of a fresh, new project that reproduces this issue?
Also, please test it all out on the latest Form activity package.

Lastly, some variables will not be filled during design time and will only display during runtime.

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Hi @RahulNani08 - can you also share the following info:

  • OS version
  • Forms package version
  • licensed vs community version
  • additional environment settings that could be helpful for us

Note that this is a bug that we are getting multiple feedback on but have not been able to find the root cause so we are trying to gather additional information. Thanks!

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Hi @RahulNani08 - we believe we have found a solution for this. Please update your graphics driver following this:

cc: @Nishant_Tanwar @Tamilselvan