Error about "Create Form" activity

Hi,my friends
I want to use "Create Form " to do something,but look at this picture.

The form designer whitout anything.But when I move the mouse to the specified position, I can still feel that there are buttons here.Like that:

And the version:
I have tried two computers, both in this situation.


UiPath guys seem to struggle to solve this matter…

Hi, If you are using 2021.4.4 this is a bug in the studio, it is not only with Form window but if you open Taxonomy manager the same issue is occurring.
I have already raised this concern to uipath support team.

OK ,I did use this version.

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Hi @maxzz -
Couple of options here:

  1. Update your graphics driver per this instruction – optimal as it will fix issues for other components in Studio
  2. If for whatever reason you cannot upgrade to the new driver, if you install the latest version of Forms (release notes) - it will fix the issue for Forms only.