Click events in browser

Hello Team,

I’m facing issues while using “click” event for web browser. Following is the error message i’m getting while accessing it.“Error has been encountered while handling “Click Events”. Please contact System Administrator”.
I’m using selectors as shown in UiExplorer. It works only when every time i have to uninstall and reinstall Uipath chrome extensions. Could there be any better solution except the mentioned one?Could somebody please help on this?
Thank you.

Have you considered using Internet Explorer as a browser solution? In my experience, if I am having difficulty using UiPath with chrome I switch to explorer since it is more RPA friendly and reliable solution.:grinning:

Please make sure chrome doesn’t have multiple versions of uipath chrome extensions.
If you have only one version please delete it and try to install from studio → Tools → Chrome extension.

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Thank you Uday for the reply. I appreciate it.
I have used the one which is linked in Uipath Studio.
Could there be any other reason, Uday?

I appreciate for taking time and replying my query.
All the codes are designed as per Chrome and IE has not been used. If I need to switch to IE then it will take a lot of efforts and time.
Any other solution, Zach?

Yes great point, I overlooked versioning. In your UiPath Solution it is really important to have the same version throughout UiPath products.