Could not log user to Orchestrator Uipath Studio community version

Hi , l keep having this issue. I cleared my browsing cache , signed out then back in and l am still encountering the same issue.


Welcome to the community

Please open UiPath assistant and try sign in from there and check


Hi Anil

Thank you.

So l tried logging in on the UiPath assitant , and this is the error l got.


Did you add user to orchestrator?

and did you happen to provide any license



Did you get the invite to your email?
Check your email and click on the link it is there in the mail
Then you can create your tenant etc.,

Hope this may help you


Hi Anil

Apologises for the late response. It ended up signing me in but l did not see where l can add the user to the orchestrator. So my UiPath assistant looks blank and l can’t search.


Hi, no l did not receive any invite to my emails.

And the UiPath we use is the community studio, so we did not provide any licenses.


Even on community you have to provide license…I see a orange circle in assistant that means assistance has no license

please assign a automation developer role to the user…for this go to manage access under tenant and from there edit user and assign the role


Also, it is denying us access to the tenant, please advise on how we can sign in as we have entered the correct credentials.


did you first assign a license or no? if no please start there

Please check this for details on each step


hi @Anil_G

I first ran the UiPath as an administrator which l think helped with turning the orange dot into green and the robot did connect to the orchestrator. I then followed your steps and made the user ‘automation developer’ and l am now connected to the orchestrator. I am busy with a file that is just taking a bit more time to transition, l am hopping it ends working.

Thank you for time and patience!

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