Could not find type'*Activities'

I recently updated the version of UiPath Studio from version 2018.1 to last. I uninstalled the old version, installed the new version and after installing the packages, in many workflows I find messages like:

Could not find type 'Microsoft.Activities.Extensions.Statements.AddToDictionary
Could not find type 'UiPath.Activities.RemoveDataRow
Could not find type 'UiPath.Activities.CreateDirectory

In Manage Packages I did not find the packages.
I even installed all the available packages

Can you Help me with That ?


go to package manager and install the missing packages, which are mentioned in output pannel. After installing try restarting uipath studio

Let us know if this helps,

Pavan H


In the dependencies tab (the most left one) are there any packages marked with red in that list ?


All of them are blue.

Any chance you can share the original package (the one that was packed with 18.1 - maybe it’s still on some Orchestrator or in %programdata%\packages) with us in a private message?

I installed all the available packages. I did not stay with uninstalled packages.
if I search in manager for those packages which are mentioned in output pannel I can not find them.

That it’s my issue.


@SergiuHogas Install excel package from the package manager

I was talking about your project SAPSTART, already packed (published) with a 18.1 version of Studio.
Do you still have it anywhere ?

yes i have it

Installing both of these might help:

i have it on other devices

try uninstalling and install again

Pavan H

allready tried
i on an 3rd try of uninstall/install

As far as I remember UiPath.Activities namespace was discontinued long time ago (around V7/8, so before 2016.1 was released).
Since you have a ton of installed packages, you might be just digging yourself into a deeper hole right now - if possible, I’d recommend copying all the xamls (and just the xamls) to a newly created project and carefully start adding packages, but just the ones that you’ll see error messages for (i.e. the ones @ClaytonM mentioned would solve the AddToDictionary which is in Workflow Manager Activities IIRC).

Right now your Activities list and dependency namespaces may become more and more tangled with each activity you add. I think the answer here would be to “reset” the dependencies by doing a new project. Otherwise you’ll be running to these again and again with this project.

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The fact that you cannot see any packages when clicking on Official feed might be a problem.
What happens when you try to access this link in a browser ? (it’s the official feed)

Should look like this:

I see xml data just like you

when i installed the new version i installed packages one at the time to avoid what are you saing. but it didn’t work so well

That’s good!
Now please go to Package Manager > Settings and show us what value you have on Official feed, like this :