Erro in uploading project

Hello friends,
when uploading a project to UiPath 2018.2.4 I get the error
Could not find type ‘UiPath.Activities.UiElementExists’ in assembly ‘UiPath.Activities’. Row: 181, Column: 22
How can I solev this_

Thank you,

Please go to manage package and type UiPath.Core.Activities.UiElementExists
and install the package.

If exists try reinstalling it.

let us know if this works
Pavan H

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Hi @CamiCat,

As you told you are uploading the project to uipath 2018.2.4, so in which version of uipath the above process was developed.

The above error comes when the project is developed in latest version and you are trying to open the project in the old version.

Go to manage packages and update UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities package, close UIpath studio and restart and see if its working.

If it doesn’t work then find the same activity in activities pane and use in the error place.

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Thank you so much @anil5.
I’m passing from version 2018.1.4 to version 2018.2.4.
I’ll try to go to manage package and update packages.
in case this doesn’t work can I share you the screenshots?
Thank you so much,
Cami :slight_smile:

Hi @CamiCat,
How are you? Can you attach the xaml. If it is confidential , send it via message.


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Thank you so much @balupad14.
I’ll send it to you as soon as possible.
Thank you so much,
Cami :slight_smile: