Core UiPath Package Shows Wrong Compatibility


The latest nuget packages for UiPath.System.Activities shows compatibilities that it does not have. See here, in Studio with version 2021.10.5 I get core activities not displaying correctly. Log message is another mess where it even has a different name in the activities pane.
They do work on 2022.10.3.

The project was in Windows Compatibility.
I suggest you guys update your release notes as the claim it works as far back as 2018 seems abit farfetched.

Hi @Jon_Smith

Downgrade the Uipath.system.activities | version → 22.4.5

In the My Dev instants i also facing this issue, But in managed to downgrade the package and working on it.


You should post this in Feedback so UiPath sees it.

Oh indeed, its easy to downgrade, but the issue is still there.

@postwick Yeah, I did consider that, but I found the setup of that to be more to do with feature requests which is why there is the voting system there. This is a clear bug / issue.

I couldnt be bothered to go through the hassle on making a formal ticket so just thought I’d flag it here. If an admin moves it then so be it.

There is specifically a Report a Bug category, too. I think it just adds the “Bug” tag though.

Where is that category?
On I only see one mention of bug and it isn’t a category I can select.

They definitely messed up this release. They broke the Orchestrator HTTP request aswell by making the Payload a required field, which it wasn’t before and should not be as GET requests dont have payloads. What a mess.

I have to roll back to 22.4.5 to get rid of the new ‘advanced layout’ stuff and get the activities actually working again.

Hi @Jon_Smith,

I too feel this release has more bugs than the previous ones.

Here is the link to the feedback section (choose the product you want to leave the feedback) : Feedback - UiPath Community Forum

UiPath studio has started crashing on Windows projects. This has increased in 22.10.3

I too agree that the design is just too distracting. Dark mode now with coloured lines is not what I thought we will need to develop in for 4 to 5 hours a day.

Indeed, its terribly buggy and it seems the Windows compatibility packages have really not been stable for a while, its a rather sloppy rollout to have not had a number of stable releases for them before introducing this prompt to migrate from Windows - Legacy project types.

I get what you guys say about the feedback section, I still dont see it being actually set up for bugs ya know. Bugs aren’t something you vote on, its either a bug or not.
Your stuff on the Ui colours belongs there as feedback, but a nuget package having activities not working or having incorrect documentation, I don’t really care who votes for it, its incorrect and should be fixed.