Problem with Custom Activity in package manager uipath studio.Please help me to resolve

I created a Custom activity library in Visual studio 2017 and converted the library into nuget package and when I trying to add newly created package in UiPath studio package manager its saying that " No compatible version with Windows projects"

Hello @BReddy_m

Which .net version have you used for the creation of the library??



Probably your activities package is for .net4.6.1(Windows-legacy).
So, for now, can you try to use it from Windows-Legacy project?


If you use it in Windows project, I recommend to create it using UiPath Activity Creator 4.0 for VS2022.


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Visual studio 2017 — 4.8

Its working sir. Thank you :+1:

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4.8 doesnt support windows compatibility. It supports windows legacy.

Yes sir,

I took Windows Legacy …Now its working as expected.