UiPath.System.Activities is not supported

Unable to resolve this in 23.4.2 version of Studio.

ANU1100: Unable to resolve ‘UiPath.System.Activities (= 22.10.5)’ for ‘net6.0-windows7.0’.

A NU1100: Unable to resolve “UiPath.System.Activities (= 22.10.5)’ for 'net6.0-windows7.0/win10-x64”.

there’s an issue with the version of UiPath.System.Activities and its compatibility with your .NET framework

Check UiPath Compatibility: First, ensure that the UiPath.System.Activities package version you are trying to use (22.10.5) is compatible with the version of UiPath Studio (23.4.2) that you are running. If it’s not compatible, consider using a version of UiPath.System.Activities that is supported by your UiPath Studio version


1.Update Package: If a compatible version of UiPath.System.Activities is available, update the package in your project to use the compatible version. You can do this through the Manage Packages feature in UiPath Studio.

2.ET Framework: Make sure your project’s target framework is set to a version that’s compatible with UiPath and the UiPath.System.Activities package. In this case, it seems to be targeting .NET 6.0, but UiPath may not fully support that version yet. You might need to use a different .NET version that’s supported by UiPath.

3.Check Dependencies: Review other dependencies in your project. Sometimes, package compatibility issues can stem from conflicts with other dependencies. Ensure that all the packages in your project are compatible with each other and with your UiPath version.


Instal .Net 4.6.1 or upgrade UiPath.System.Activities to the latest version.