UI creates distraction and confusion in 22.10.X Studio

The below feedback is subjective.


Issue 1

The UI needs to be rethought here :
Until 22.4.x when I clicked on a sequence the UI turned slightly blue, but now after upgrading to 22.10.3 Enterprise version, I wish this was not changed. May be a slight more focus / white shadow in dark mode or black shadow in light mode would greatly help.

The reason is simple the Left bolder line (of the outer Sequence) overshadows the highlight on the activity, the eyes are pre-occupied on the outermost container with a thicker and longer left line. In my opinion, the combination with added colors (Issue 2) creates distraction. When we have many sequences, I see this creating more confusion.


What I observe is container sequences are greyed out and other activities get a blue border I think these sequences also should retain the same behavior. For example an activity when selected has a blue outer line. This is not consistent either, for example in the below image, both log activity and switch activity need to be blue borders.

When clicked on Log Message

When clicked on Switch (a very slight brightness difference which is dark mode is not that much) Not sure how this is in light mode.

May be this is probably linked to this? The Sequence (container) is not shown in Studio 22.08 and 22.10 - Feedback / Studio - UiPath Community Forum

Issue 2

In addition, the coloring in dark mode is extremely distracting. In the picture below you do not see yellow lines which also is a color.

So the developer is bombarded with colors (grey, blue, yellow) and in combination with the Issue 1 this creates a very distracting dark mode. Is there a setting to go back to the previous color schema?

Update: This is how it would be distracting.

Thank you for your efforts and consideration.

This gets a major vote from me, the colours are absolutely awful and in my opinion appeal to requests from users who have messy unreadable workflows who have been asking for colour coding to somehow sort it out.

I dont feel it will actually help them and just hurts the rest of us who want a cleaner Ui with less meaningless distractions on it. Please please please make it a setting we can toggle off. I don’t want it.

Thank you for your feedback, I will forward it to our design team.

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I opened up one of our workflows and it clearly shows how distracting those colored lines can be when we are using dark mode.

We do follow the best practice to not have too long of a workflow, but some automations cannot move forward without good pre and post manipulation checks. When doing so we will have many such lines.

May I suggest you edit your first post and put this at the front. It gets the message across very clearly.

I agree on the shorter workflows etc and to me it having this many lines would make me want to rewrite it, however sometimes you inherit a workflow or sometimes it just happens right? The colour coding in my opinion is doing nothing to help here.

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