Copy Paste specific excel row to another excel

Hi guys, I’m very much new to this UIPath as this is my new working assignment. (Sorry I can’t upload more pictures due to new member rule)

The title said it all, I want to copy rows contain “Approval” only and paste those content into new excel.

This is my condition code but the output end up copy everything and paste it on new excel including non-“Approval” content.

Really appreciate for help :smiley:

Hello @Aldrin_Pro,
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Can you share excel or its Screenshot


How about building data table first? not ‘write range’ directly?

I want to copy specific approval content just like below attachment into new excel
problem 1

New excel will be pasted like this :

I have the data table for bot to copy, but upon pasted into new excel must be generate a new one.

Check this,
Test.xlsx (8.9 KB) Main.xaml (8.0 KB)


I mean you can build new data table first and then write the data table on excel.
Because according your code, you may overwrite the value on Sheet1-A1.

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Thanks man, it works ! Still need to learn how to use this data table thing.

Yeah, I missing the data table, still need to learn how to use it, anyway thanks :smiley:

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