Copy Paste Range in Excel

Hello, I need some help on copy paste range to new row.
I found a solution (StudioX - Find Last data row in excel file - #7 by prasath17) which is very similar to what I want. It identify the last row using LOOKUP and copy data into new row. However it could only work on excel cell.

I need to copy and paste a range of data to new row as I want to retain the old data. I used the copy paste range activity but it will replace my old data with the new data instead of copying the data to a new row. Please help me out on this. I have provided my work file below so you can have a clear view of what and where I did wrong. Thank you.

data.xlsx (12.7 KB)
Main.xaml (11.2 KB)

Hi @winne.oo ,

try to user “Merge Data Table” Activity and Kindly check attached workflow with your sample excel file

Main (3).xaml (10.3 KB)


You don’t write data to Excel with copy/paste. You don’t open Excel and click around in it. You use the Excel activities to directly read/write. Append Range will automatically write to the next empty row.

@RajKumar_DC Thank you so much for your solution but I think your solution is on UiPath Studio right ? I am not very familiar with it as I’m working on UiPath Studio X. But still thank you so much for your help.

@postwick Thank you so much for your advice and I have tried using Append Range and it works. Really appreciate your help.

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