Copy data from Excel one by one

Greetings … I just learned and was very interested in Uipath … please direct me if I want to copy Excel data for example in Colom A there are 5 data I want to copy and paste one by one the data and when in row to 6 the program will stop. Thank you


Excel 1 => Read data using Read Range activity and output as DataTable1.

Excel 2 => Write DataTable1 into excel 2 using Write Range activity.

thaks lakshman for respond, but i will copy data to another aplication not to excel again


As mentioned by @lakshman, read the excel and take the data in datatable. Then use for each row activity and pass the datatable, then you can loop through rows one by one as you desire.

My recommendation for you is to have a look at excel activities that are available in UiPath, so you’ll be more familiar with flows next time. If you are interested this will be the way to explore and learn.

Hello @Pasola,

In UiPath Studio , You have the specific activities to do the copy past that I have mentioned in the below.


  1. Select the cells that contain the data or other attributes that you want to copy.
  2. On the Home tab, click Copy Copy icon .
  3. Click the first cell in the area where you want to paste what you copied.
  4. On the Home tab, click the arrow next to Paste , and then do any of the following. The options on the Paste menu will depend on the type of data in the selected cells:

thank you the problem is resolved…

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Whats this??

Hi @lakshman
Want to ask you about one thing, can you help me?


Hi @Ragu9060
Want to ask you about one thing, can you help me?



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Yes tell me

I ONLY study and we were given a task:
The robot goes to the page of the SoftPortal catalog (Графика и дизайн - 3D) and copies the name, description and link to each software, and then saves this information to the DataTable table . Then it goes to the next page of the catalog, does the same and so on. When data for all software is collected, the robot goes to the software page and downloads. It waits for the download to finish, and after that it goes to the next software page. And so the cycle is repeated for all software.
can you help me please?


Did you tried anything ? If yes then where you got stuck ?

If not then use Data scraping to scrape the data and will give output as DataTable and then use ForEach Row activity to iterate one by one software and then download it. Please check below threads about Data Scraping.

I can’t get it in the place where the robot should read information from the following sites, when reading the screen through the site there should be a “Next” or “arrow” button. Is it possible to somehow go to the next page and read data without these buttons, but at the same time saving all the data in datatable