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Hi Team,

I have a scenario here in my process.

I have a data in sheet1 grouped with section(A,B,C) and I have data in other sheet2 grouped with section AB.

Now I need to copy the data from sheet 2 of sectionA and paste it in sheet1 below the sectionA and above sectionB criteria.

Manually we can do it by counting no.of rows and insert rows and paste data.

But with BOT how can i do it ? and the same follows with section B. I need to copy section B data and paste to sheet1 after section B and above to sectionC.

Expecting-My write range should work like - when I copy data from sheet2 and paste in sheet1 the rows below it should go down automatically.
So that the newly pasted data will no over-write the existing below rows data.

Can anyone suggest an approach where we can paste data below to our requried rows as new rows and not overwriting new data?

thanks in Advance.


You should first read your tables with Read Range activity, then use Merge DataTable, then Sort DataTable and you will get a DataTable you need. See an attachment

merge.xaml (5.9 KB)

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HI Yurii,

Bot of sheet1-> i have sum total.
So when i copy data form sheet2 and merge with sheet1 and paste. the total values rows also should go down. but it’s not happening.

values are overwritten.

Thanks for you response.

I don’t get you