Copy Exact Row to Another Excel

I’m new in Uipath. I have over 100 copy Excel files. From this 100 files I have to copy only one row from each excel and paste to another excel… Like collect data in One sheet.

Copy (One row from file1.xls) > paste (result.xls)
Copy (One row from file2.xls)> paste (result.xls)
Copy (One row from file3.xls) >paste (reslut.xls)

I hope you guys understand my question… Sorry for my bad English. Thanks.

Hi @NC236118,

Do you know the exact row in file1.xls, file2.xls, file3.xls to copy from ?

yes I know… I want to show in Image but cause of new user, I can’t upload image…

all files of rows are in same position. I want to get the entire row of below header.

Row Range “A3:AG”

  1. For each excel from the directory.
    2)Use Read Range Activity and specify the range from A3:A6 with uncheck of headers in the property panel.
  2. Use Append range activity and add the read data there.

Can you Show me some example?

Hi @NC236118,

Please see the example

Main workflow

Inside Import Arguments

ExtractExcelRow workflow

The ExcelDataTable_Out contains all the rows that are copied from the individual Excel files. You can use a final Write Range with ExcelDataTable_Out as Input

Can you Help me to check with this?
Sorry for I’m so noob and make you busy :sweat_smile:Testing_Copy.xaml (15.2 KB)

Hi @Naychi,

After downloaded the file, cannot open in UiPath Studio because of error.