Copy & Paste issue - MS Word Automation

Hi Guys,

I want to copy al the data ( Including images) from one document and paste it over another word documents. but when I paste those data in the document the images are not positioning as it should be.

I tried to fix it by changing the 'wrap text ’ settings of the image as well. but none of them work out.

Kindly requesting your help on this.

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buddy, @charith_wickramasing

Here is your xaml, hope it got resolved and i have added two methods with which this can be done…kindly revert if i have understood the query wrongly, no worries buddy we can sort this out easily
C&P (3).zip (76.7 KB)


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lets try to resolve this buddy
If possible kindly tell me what is exactly need and the files in zipped form as well, sorry for that yesterday i refreshed my system, so got deleted, kindly send that , lets sort this out

Cheers @charith_wickramasing

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Bro i solved it. the problem was in the page layout. some files are in a different page layout. After make all the files into a one common page layout . we can easily copy and paste it without any issue.

Thanks again for helping on this buddy. highly appreciated your support :slight_smile:

Thats amazing buddy kindly close this topic with comment marked as solution that could help others looking for ideas

Cheers @charith_wickramasing

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