Copy & paste text and images from a Word document to another Word document?

Hi Guys,

I need to copy some paragraphs of one document and past it into another document with the images. I tried “read text”, "Append text " but nothing work out :frowning:

Kindly requesting your help on this.

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Hi @charith_wickramasing,

Try using send hot keys ctrl+c and ctrl+v


but how to copy entire paragraph with the images ?

Hi @charith_wickramasing,

Please find the attachment

BlankProcess3 - (942.5 KB)



Buddy i would like to give a kind suggestion that why can’t we just rename the file of doc1 and save as a new doc2. Because we are trying to copy the data from doc1 to doc2, completely…

So we can use a move file activity where mention the first file as from path and second file name to be saved as Destination folder

As simple as like this

Hope this would help you


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Hey @Palaniyappan,

No actually there are many documents like Doc1 and i’m trying to consolidated it to one document. ( Doc1 Is a sample document that i’m using for consolidation and Doc2 will be my consolidated document )

Also, I do not want to copy certain parts of doc1 such as in the header ""5/4/2019 Processbeskrivning - AzureDevOps Services and “Last updated by | Jesper Blomster < > | Tue, 30 Apr 2019 12:18:01 GMT”

Further more in the bottom of the page you can see a URL. That also i dont want to copy to Doc 2 .

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Thanks Budddy but there are some parts in the Doc 1 which i don’t want to copy to Doc 2. Such as in the header “Last updated by | Jesper Blomster < > | Tue, 30 Apr 2019 12:18:01 GMT”

Thanks Again

You might need to write custom code to do this. Especially since you don’t want entire sections to be copied.

Refer below links for a start

After merging you need to remove sections that you don’t require.

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if these are constant headers you want to delete, then you can read word file and replace these constant words and then write back to new file.