Can we copy the word document text in another document(Specific area)

Hi Team,

Can we copy the total text of word document in to specific place of another word document?
If yes,please add your inputs.
Appreciate your help!

@Palaniyappan @sarathi125 @Lahiru.Fernando


Yes we can do it, share your sample documents.

In the target word document we need to use replace text activity, for that you have to identify place holderts, like some static text to use in the replace text activity.

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Hi Sarathi,

Thank you for the response @sarathi125.

I have attached the required documents
File 1-This file needs to copy in File2
Trim File-Thi file needs to copy in File2 (Can we help to trim the file before we copy)File1.docx (11.6 KB) File2.docx (17.6 KB) Trim File.docx (11.7 KB)


From File1.docx and Trim File.docx what are all the text we need to copy to File2.docx.

As per the file2.docx in only one place Do we need to replace the text?

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Hi @sarathi,

Yes you are correct.
Why i am copying the file1 and trim file documents to file 2 is,i am not able to trim the values in file 2 so i copied that part in file1 and after trimming pasting the trim file content in to file 2.

Advice if you have any work around.

Hi Sarathi,

Please copy whole text from file 1 and Trim file.

Hi @sarathi125,

Could you please help me on this requirement.


Hope this can help you. if not please let me know what more changes needs to be doneMain.xaml (5.9 KB)

Hi @Shashi123 @sarathi125,

I have used your xaml,but i am getting results as below format:

I dont know what the issue is. but my i click on the highlighted tab and remove the text highlighting from replace text here i get the correct format.

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Hi @Shashi123,

Thank you for the help on pasting issue,can you also help me why i am not able to trim this particular file. 35000622.docx (20.4 KB)
Added my Xaml also.Trim Spaces_Word File.xaml (7.3 KB)

Main.xaml (10.4 KB)

Hope this will solve your problem.

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Hi @Shashi123,
Sorry for the late reply because of laptop issue.
Thank you for the workflow, but i am getting the below error,please help here.