Copying the images and text from word document

I got stuck with a tricky situation. I need to copy the data from a word document and I need to paste it in a web application. I can copy the text from the document and I can paste it in the site, but I cannot copy paste the images, as the site does not allow the images to be copy pasted. I need to insert the images separately.
So if I have a word document consisting of 3 lines of text and an image, then first I need to copy the first 3 lines and then I need to save the image, then insert the image as a file in the web application by clicking on insert button and selecting image.
What would be the best way to automate it?

Hello @Hawkins,
I guess the easiest way would be to right click on the image and then click ‘Save As Picture’, then give the appropriate file name and save.
you can then separately upload the file from the desired folder onto the portal!

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But that would make the automation less reliable,because there will be multiple images with multiple sizes. So we don’t know exactly where to click on the image. Is there anyway so that we can extract the images in the word file from background, like any activity to extract the images?

Well with that being said, the length of the text you’ll be copying will also be varying! you have to manipulate your workflow to make it reliable!
As far as the activity is concerned ,I’m not sure if there is any that can extract an image in the background for you :slight_smile:

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You always could copy the whole document and paste it in excel and then to take only the field picture

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@nnunev I got an easy solution for the problem. We can zip and unzip the word file so that I would get all the images in a folder. Anyhow thanks for your solution, that’s what had in my mind initially.


This is genious

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