Read images from a Word document

Hey there.

I am currently facing an issue, which is the following.

I have a word document, and I need to read all it’s content to paste it on an email.

The problem I have, is, that the document also contains images, which I would also like to include in the email. How can I achieve that?

Many thanks and happy automation ^^

What you will be using to send the email? Maybe automate the Word application itself and use something like copy and paste to send the email.

I will be using outlook, but the thing is that the word contains the info that I need to paste into the mail, is also an input I recieve from another e-mail


  • receive email, save word file to disk
  • open Word with that file
  • copy data, maybe using Control A + Control C
  • close Word
  • Open Outlook
  • Create new message with Control V
  • Send message

Yes, that’s what they actually do manually

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Anyone? Still facing the issue :frowning:

What do you mean, what is the issue? Do you want another way besides what the humans do and the robot should also do?

The issue @ecarles is facing is that he cannot simply copy a full text including pictures, as read text etc. only gets the text, not the pictures. You need to extract them in separate activities and insert them where read text gets you “/”.

@ecarles, check this discussion: Copying the images and text from word document

Do you really wanted this type of message to be your first here? I gave a perfect working solution there, but he didnt follow it or didnt like it, i dont see why you call that “pathetic”…

Killer argument, your advise obviously worked perfectly… And yes, I want that message there, or did I invade your little safe space?

Both solutions are working and valid in their own scenarios. I suppose @ecarles simply wanted something without UI automation.

I would say that solves the topic and we can all relax a bit :wink: