Read images from a Word document

Hey there.

I am currently facing an issue, which is the following.

I have a word document, and I need to read all it’s content to paste it on an email.

The problem I have, is, that the document also contains images, which I would also like to include in the email. How can I achieve that?

Many thanks and happy automation ^^

What you will be using to send the email? Maybe automate the Word application itself and use something like copy and paste to send the email.

I will be using outlook, but the thing is that the word contains the info that I need to paste into the mail, is also an input I recieve from another e-mail


  • receive email, save word file to disk
  • open Word with that file
  • copy data, maybe using Control A + Control C
  • close Word
  • Open Outlook
  • Create new message with Control V
  • Send message

Yes, that’s what they actually do manually

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Anyone? Still facing the issue :frowning:

What do you mean, what is the issue? Do you want another way besides what the humans do and the robot should also do?