Copy data from Tableau report


I’m a NewBie in RPA.We have a Table report build with reporting technology Tableau.
From the Table report we need to export data to a shared path using UIPath.
Would it be possible.If yes how to do it.



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How you want to upload the Tableau report into the SharedPath as Images or in any other format.

You mean, you need to export .twb or .twbx file to a shared path or only the data? If it is only data, you need to export it to a required format (CSV or excel) and then share it or you can get the SQL query of that report and use that to get the data directly into a tabular format and then share it

Hi Sarathi,

Thankyou for the quick response. The Tableau report is published in server .
One option for me is to click on the download button and choose cross tab and export the file.
This needs to be done daily ,so i was thinking if it could be run with UIpath ? ,if yes ,which all activity i need to choose. I tried Data scrapping ,however the data didnot got exported.

John MV

John MV

Use open Application activity to open the Tableau application. Use click activities to click on the corresponding buttons using send windows property and try to get the report.
Let me know with error messages in case of any issues. Will try to assist you.

Hi Isriram,

Thanks for the suggestion. I’m trying to import data from the below url. Data of column with heading District ,Overall Rating.

Opened UIpath studio

1.Choosen Flowchart
2.Activity Open browser!/vizhome/SchoolReportCardsTableau/Sheet3
3.Data Scraping
In the Wizard choosen the first element ie La Crosse
Second element Meeting Few Expectations

Erroring out

Note :!/vizhome/SchoolReportCardsTableau/Sheet3

Did you ever get a solution that works? I am trying to do the same type of thing.