Extract report data from tableau server

Hi @dmacha ,

Could you pls share your AS is steps how you are going to achieve the requirement like login to the tableau-> go to reports → click download button and get the report in excel in downloads folder → move the report to your local folder → send email with the downloaded report . based on your steps i can suggest the work flow in uipath. nice connecting you again. thanks.

They will just simply go to that url and check data.

i am not clear on the above statement. user simply go to the URL means they will hit the specific URL and go to the report directly without any credentials. is my understanding correct. how they are receiving these URL’s.

Have you tried creating workflows in uipath. if you stuck some where please let us know. thanks.

Hi @dmacha ,

Sharing my thoughts on the requirement.

  1. Store the URL and business user name in the input excel. Now use work book read range and store the entire data into data table.

  2. Use application/browser activity and indicate the google page in the chrome browser and it will give us the output of browser variable.

  3. Use For each row loop and assign your data table from the above to loop URL’s one by one.

  4. Use the following expression to get the URL. CurrentRow(“URL”).tostring and assign this expression to navigate to activity assign the browser variable and the url field assign the expression. it will help you to navigate to the link which provided so after this step we will get the tableau table for that link.

  5. Now click the download tab in the UI to get the file downloaded in local machine.

  6. Now we have to get the latest download file from the downloads folder for this refer the below link.

  1. Once we get the latest file send email with the attachment(the path which we have the file). for this you can go for send outlook mail message or if you have exchange you can go for send exchange mail message.

Please try and explore on the above steps to achieve your requirement. thanks.

@kirankumar.mahanthi1 , I think we can directly connect to tableau server by giving credentials.