How to Download Tableau Full Data

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to download the full data of Tableau using UIPath. Right now I am able to download the summary data using the “Query View Data” activity but my requirement is to be able to download the full data. Anyone who have tried that out already? Any tips/suggestion? thank you!


Opened UIpath [studio]

1.Choosen Flowchart
2.Activity Open browser!/vizhome/SchoolReportCardsTableau/Sheet3
3.Data Scraping
In the Wizard choosen the first element ie La Crosse
Second element Meeting Few Expectations

Erroring out

Note :!/vizhome/SchoolReportCardsTableau/Sheet3

FYI, this has been released. You can find it at Tableau - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace and in the official feeds.


Hi @Gokul001

Thanks for your response on my question. However I was not able to follow your suggestion.

I am using the Tableau Integration in UIPath to connect to tableau.

I am able to use the Query View data activity to download the summary data. Now I am trying to download the full data.

On your suggested solution, May I request if you can add screenshots and more details for me to be able to follow? Thank you very much!