Connecting UiPath with Tableau Desktop

Is there any way to connect the UiPath studio to the Tableau Desktop such that the Robot is able to export/import data from/to Tableau. Do we have any connector or custom activities available to do so? My purpose is to connect my Tableau Desktop to an Existing Excel file as a data source and perform data refresh in Tableau.
Please help, if any one has got any leads on this topic with some example or practical explanation. Would be a great help!
Thanks in Advance.

I can’t tell if anybody has replied to this, but I am trying to do the same exact thing and the way I have written the bot continues to get stuck when trying to edit the connection to the data source. Were you able to solve?

We are planning to release a custom activity do do just that - get data from Tableau using native integration, or push data from a Tableau worksheet in to a robot via Orchestrator. These are currently being worked on with a release date of this month. I’ll update this post once it’s released.

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Thanks Paul, Please keep us posted !

FYI, this has been released. You can find it at Tableau - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace and in the official feeds.