Copy certain portion of text to paste into search

Hello, I am trying to copy the text (48959BR) after the “” in the hyperlink under form name and then place it in the search bar. The number will be different each time but will be in that same place after the “” and will contain the “BR” after. Appreciate any and all help. Thank you!

use get text activity and add this element and in output use variable as OpStringGetText
then use assign activity in that use NewCopyString=OpStringGetText.split("/"c)(1) it will give u the text which u want then use it in search bar

@sam1313 use get text activity to get and store it in a variable say use split function like outtext.split ("/".tochararray()) this will give you output as array of string say strarraynow give strarray(1).trim in assign activity and store it in a variable this will give you the req output

@venkatmalla6 @ImPratham45 I set this process up but an error came with Get Text. Here is what my selector looks like.


@sam1313 does the number is same for every time 50693BR
replace the entire number with wildcard*

@sam1313 did that worked buddy.

tried replacing that whole number with " * " and it still is not working

@sam1313 do one thing open UIexplorer and indicate that element and check the attributes.

What about them? Also there are always 5 values before the BR in the req number. Is there a way to use get text or something to pull a certain length string?

@sam1313 were you able to get the full text from get text activity.

No, the get text activity is not working

@sam1313 rather than running the entire flow try only with get text activity for different form names and check in a new flow.

@sam1313 have you tried.

Yes just made a new flow chart and did get text for that whole hyperlink and it worked, it searched it in the search bar

@sam1313 now check the selector for get text and paste it in a notepad and try another form name and check the selector of get text and compare those two and see what are the attributes varying and mark them with wildcards *

We got it thank you for your help

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@sam1313 have you tried by changing the attribiutes.

@sam1313 that’s great cheers

Now that I have that text copied I am trying to paste it into a column in an excel file each time it runs. Any suggestions? Tried a few with no luck

@sam1313 use write cell activity by appending counter variable to the cell.