Problem with paste text or type text after get full text

Hi Team,

I have used get visible text to get text from a container in web page
after that I am typing same text in the same container but formatting is changed

Any idea , how can i deal this. Thanks

Get Text doesn’t get the format, just the text.

If you want help, you’re going to have to show us what you’re working with and tell us what you’re trying to achieve.

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Text is like below and I have to replace text ABC as new name

Please do not post any sensitive / personal information
(or any files that contain it).
Note: Please do not discuss questions related to UiPath Certified Professional exams as it is a security policy violation.
contact - ABC


So @Hitesh1 kindly use get text activity and get this data in form of string

Later we can use string or regex function to replace ABC with name

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We can use copy paste method

  1. Use a Set to clipboard activity and pass the string variable there as a input
  2. Then use a SEND HOT KEY activity and indicate the field where you want to have the value typed and use key ctrl+v
  3. This will just paste the value in that field without any error

Cheers @Hitesh1

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Hi @Hitesh1

You can also try with Screen Scrapping method.

Have a look on the document


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