How can we use "Get Text" activity in a loop

I have a list of URLs in an exel file. I need to read it one by one and go to the browser and open the respective URL.From the opened web page i need to get some certain texts and write to the same excel file.

For this, I used the “Get Text” activity for getting the texts, but when i execute the workflow ,the URL is getting lopped but the data read by the "Get Text " activitydisplays the same even for the second URL.

Can u Please suggest a solution to this problem.

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Hey @Sajin_91,

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Are you using the dynamic selector for GetText and also dont forget to clear the variable storing the result after each iteration.

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Hi @Sajin_91,

In your case, Variable of ‘Get text activity’ might be getting overwritten.
I would suggest you to add value of get text in dictionary mapped against URL values as a key in dictionary.

Let me know if more info needed.

used Clear Variable after iteration, but as iam new to dynamic selectors. can u please help me here for the same

can you attach your workflow here?let me check.

Iam not able to attach the work flow. Its saying new user cannot upload files

So you have list of urls right once you opened and you got the text after are you closing the that application or not because for the next iteration you need to open the another url that is there in the excel.

and compare selectors once open two urls and compare

After the first iteration the second URL is opening as a new window in Chrome. I had tried with closing the browser too, but still showing the same result.

hi, i would like to ask if there’s a studioX function to copy text from webpage e.g. page 1 to text then next to page 2 copy paste text then next to page 3 copy paste text? the loop or repeat actions i’m doing keeps going back to webpage 1 when it should flow continuously to 2 then 3. the following is my failed attempt: