Get Full Text activity on the same place but dynamic string

Good day,

I want to copy a string from a website. This string is always on the same place but it is always different.
How can I manage to copy it?
Get full text errors always when something changes.

You need to modify your selector such that it indicates the same element on screen regardless of the text within. If this is not possible, you can get the full text of a parent selector and use regular expressions to get the text you’re looking for.

How i modify my selector.
Sorry I am totally new with UiPath.
Best of all if you have a screenshot.

Go to this menu after you’ve selected the element. If you are new to UiPath, I recommend taking the UiPath Academy courses ( ). Selectors can become complicated and understanding how to modify them for your purposes is valuable.

Many thanks for your help.
One further question how do I modify it know?

You modify it by changing what selector values are being used. Opening it in UI Explorer helps with this, since you can pick elements to add or remove manually. However, I still recommend the academy training, as this is the UI Explorer has many options for modifying how elements are identified.

I will take the training.
Could you assist me by modifying my selector because I need it as soon as possible.
This is how it looks like:

It should extract the status:
Normally it looks like this:

I would need the full path to the webpage you’re using to update the selector.

It is a password saved webpage. I don´t think you can entry it.

Understood. For now, I recommend taking the academy courses before you begin using UiPath to automate scraping the data.

which course exactly should I do?

Level 1 - Foundation Training Revamped

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@artem1 did you find a solution for this question, if yes can you please share it ?


I think u should make ur selector dynamic by using wildcards

HI @NIVED_NAMBIAR , thanks for responding,

I tried GET Full text activity , indicated the element and used ‘*’ in selector aaname (trying to get an order number which changes every time an order is placed) it returned an empty string, am new to UI path , just started learning, have no prior experience with such tools .

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:


Use highlight element and run in debug to check whether same uielement is highlighted Everytime?

i have tried it , its able to identify the element but return value is being empty so i tried with get text activity, getting all the text in the screen and performing a regex on it to get the order ID (it worked atleast as a temporary solution :slight_smile: )

Check whether any other attribute apart from aaname is varying @kkanth.v