Copied from excel and search it

Hi everyone,

I’m desing a robot and i have a simple question about it, i should copy text from excel (i did it here) and i should search in uipath orchestrator. How can i do?

To short, i copied robot name from excel and i want to click it on orchestrator after start process button (there will be pop up)

thanks for your help.

Hi @berkay

Use read range and do for each activity and use open browser activity and click on robots menu and use element exists and do perform click operations


Hi @AshwinS2

thanks for your reply i used read range activitiy and write cell name that i want to search in orch.

but i should click jobs menu then start button. So there will be a pop up. I should write in process name text box that i copied from excel i mean read range variable. then i should click robot that i want to work process on it. Robot name comes from excel also so i kept this variable another read range activation. so how can i write process name there and click robot check box?