Click Check Box Problem

Hello everybody, i have an issue that i can’t solve, can somebody help me?

I want to click robots check box but robot name is variable that read from excel so it can be change. I have no idea how to do it


I mean i read from excel with read cell and store it inside Generic Value variable type.

If you need any information let me know.

Hi @berkay

Click on robot 5 and then use uiexplorer to find the selector based on that u can get the property as idx check each and every check box selector and iterate based on count
If click not working use check activity

Hi @Ashwin thanks for your reply but can you please describe more spesificly. You mean i wont use ‘robotName’ variable? Or can you upload workflow?

This is what i see when i clicked ROBOT5 and open uiexplorer;

html title=‘Jobs - UiPath Orchestrator’ />

<webctrl isleaf=‘1’ tableRow=‘2’ tag=‘TD’

I think i have to add my variable somewhere

Hi @berkay,

Try to take a look at the new Selector learning path

Look under “Difficult Situations”

So find a Anchor point, using your variable.
You can insert your variable by clicking ctrl+space, when editing your selectors.

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Hi @berkay

Don’t give string variable set it as int variable check it for other robot s and ensure the selector are different based on table row and column


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Okay thank you for your reply!

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