How to start job on spesific robot


Here is my problem, i have a excel table that is written process name and robot name that i want to run. The problem is when i click on start button on orchestrator, i cant click on select a process text box and i can not change it. I got to many selector problems. When i tried to use attach window activity, pop up which is came when i click play button, cant see it. it sees whole page not only pop up. so it gives errors.

I decided to use start job activity but there was another problem. Activity inputs are proces name and number of robots that it will run. I have 5 robot and i want to run this job according to excel (deleting_process | ROBOT1 writing_process_ROBOT2) like that.

I could not find any solution for this. Thank for your time.


Instead you can go with UIPATH APIs.
You can do this job easily

Hi, thanks for your reply but i cant find what exactly should i do. Can you please give more spesific information about it?