Search for data in Excel file and copy data

Hello everyone,
I hope you are doing well. I am creating a quite (for me) difficult robot.
I have an Excel sheet where I have some data. I copy the data from somewhere else and search it in the Excel sheet by sending the hotkey ctrl+F. Then I press enter and find the data. Now I need the data from the first column in the row where I searched the first word (ctrl+f). This cell needs to be copied then as well but first of all I need a solution for the first case.
I share a screenshot which makes the problem more comprehensive:

Basically I search for the word “blabla” so that I get the row I need in order to find “uipath”. I am only allowed to use the word “blabla” to find “uipath”. Also external packages can’t be used as well like BalaReva or some others.

I would be very grateful if you can help me.

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Actually the word I search for is stored in a variable because the word changes when I repeat the process. When I display a message box I can see the word I need to search for so that might help but I don’t know.

HI @achalisma,

Take a look at this thread.

Thank you

@achalisma - could you please show us what is your progress so far ? And share the workflow?

Hi @achalisma
Check this workflow (41.4 KB)

Hope it helps you

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Look data table activity

Thanks for replying!
Actually this is the only thing I see :sweat_smile:
Maybe a screenshot can help

Here it is: (41.9 KB)

Sadly it didn’t solve my problem, but BalaReva is not allowed in my workplace anyways :sweat_smile:

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Hi @achalisma this is the overall view of the workflow

Property panel of excel application scope

Property panel of read range

property Panel of Lookup Range

Property Panel of Matches activity

Hope it helps you

Nived N
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Check dependencies and repair the ones in fault to solve this error!

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