Need to read excel sheet through orchestrator and run the script on different machine using robot process

Hi Folks,

I have an requirement where I have an excel sheet from which I am reading the data and passing it to script to perform some operations on browser and the flow.
I have 2 robots connected to orchestrator. One robot is on the same machine where I have stored excel sheet.

the script is running fine when robot run on that machine.

But 2nd robot is failing as it could not identify the excel sheet location.

Can some one help me a way to pass excel sheet to some common location or any provision in orchestrator to pass excel sheet so that robot will run on both machines?

Thanks in advance.

Save the excel file path in assets and use the asset name accordingly

could you please elaborate? I tried giving excel file path as asset value per robot.
I have excel file stored in m/c where robot 1 exists.
I do not have excel sheet stored on 2nd machine. but I want to run robot on 2nd machine as well which will take same excel as parameter.

what path should I give for robot 2 asset value ?

Hi, I put excel files in both robots system, and provided path of excel using Assets in orchestrator. script is reading the correct excel file path using “Get asset” activity. But seems next step of reading the excel is not working. As I have mentioned URLs in Excel.

1st robot : where I have developed a script and deloyed to orchestrator, script is running file on it as expected.
2nd robot : on which I am simply running the orchestrator script, and have excel sheet saved in system, is not picking URL from excel sheet.

Could you please help to solve this is run URL on other robot too ?

Closing … This issue is resolved. Thank you for help !!

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Could you please add how you were able to solve the issue so that it helps anyone with a similar issue.
You can then mark that answer as a solution and then thread will be closed :slight_smile:

It was a small miss from my side. I had to enable UiPath Extension in browser in other robot system too weather it is chrom normal browser or in incognito mode.

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