How to read an excel file and name folders accordingly

Hi. I am fairly new to UI path and only have around 4 weeks of experience with it.

So I have an excel file with about 90 company names.
These files are also on my hardrive in explorer. I need the robot to read the name from the excel sheet and select the corresponding name in explorer. Thereafter it will paste a pdf file to the correct location.

Also, if the file does not exist on my hardrive, the robot will have to create a new file for that company. (filename should be the name of the company)

Please advise.



  1. Read the excel file using Read Range Activity inside “Excel Application Scope” activity. This will give you a datatable as outpout.
  2. Now using For Each Row activity make the path of the directory where you want to paste the file.
  3. If the file not exist then no issue, but to create a new pdf file company file just have a template in word document and using this Export to PDF activity you can save that as a PDF.