ContinueOnError not (always) working

In some cases, i get an exception out of an activity that have Continue on error set to true
See attached very simple WF:ContinueOnError.xaml (8.7 KB)
When running this i get an exception the second time i try to close the browser (as the browser is already closed by the first one), BUT as this activity have continueOnError = true, this shouldn’t happen.

As far as i remember, I’ve only seen the bug while using “close application” activity, but if i find more, i’ll update the post.
Anybody else seen this?

On a side note:
I’ve having issues closing an IE browser probably on SOME sites (using close application activity).
Anybody know any issues with this?
I’m GUESSING it have something to do with the selector changing when IE navigates to a new site, but not updating this in the variable, but if that where the case, I guess I would see the error more than i do
(might start this as a new topic)
I cannot post a WF with this, as the only sites i have seen it on so far, is sites that require login.


I think I may have seen this a while ago, but seem to remember it was because of the empty browser variable because you need to have something in the element or selector parameter to work.

You could try using “browser.Element” or move it to the Selector parameter and use “browser.Element.Selector”. Although in that case, browser would still be empty.

To be honest, I would use “Close Window” instead of Close Application. You can use a Do While loop with Element Exists or Find element, and an If condition.
Here is an example I have used:

EDIT: You can also use the above with Close Application with a different condition (like browser isnot Nothing) if you choose to.


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Hello ClaytonM!

I don’t wanna get into too much details as i want the thread to be about ContinueOnError not working, but i can say that I normally use close application, as i found it was the most reliable to close browsers. The close windows fails almost every time.
Thank you for your suggestions anyway tho, I’ll look into it :slight_smile: