Error : UiElement

Hi All ,

when i close the browser i get this error ,

Click search : The UiElement is no longer valid

how i can retry open browser again 2 times if it is close again


Hey @coder,

Which activity are you using to close browser.
You can use retry scope to open browser again and provide retry number in arguments.

Hope this helps.

Hey @Lakshay_Verma

no i close it , i mean i deliberately close for test

i try with retry scope t but i get error

i am using ReFramwork it is same way ?

You have to give some condition in retry scope to become true, if that condition meet only then bot will move forward else it will do a retry.
For ex, if you are doing a click, in retry condition check whether this click element exists or not.
If elemet exists, it will click else it will do a retry.

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Thank you ,

could you please write the condition ?

If i understand you correctly, you want to close and reopen the browser and still use the same selector or element that you have previously acquired before closing it, even when you reopen the browser, those elements are not going to be valid, so you would need to get them again before being able to use them.

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browser.xaml (6.3 KB)

Have a look

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Hey @bcorrea

Yes it is like this , how i can do that ?

The idea is if the browser close then there are error yes so how i can retry for 3 or 3 time to avoid error

Thanks i will see

Thanks it is work but if also i have search activity how i can do that?

browser1.xaml (11.3 KB)

i mean like this

can check please