On Element Appear & ContinueOnError Problem


I faced an issue with On Element Appear while ContinueOnError is true.

In my case, Action Section(Do container in on element appears) can fail and i want to send a Bussiness Exception for some condition in Action section. When ContinueOnError is true, it handles any error in the Action and carries on. Still my element may not appear so I want to use ContinueOnError as true. It is little confusing.

I thought ContinueOnError is for element that appears not for the action.

My question is this intended thing or just overlooked?

Hi @alitolak
Check this

Ashwin S

I have faced the same problem in my processes.
Here is a scenario;

  • Robot passes a username value to the application.
  • Application responds verified/not found with a popup.

I am using on element appear container to handle popup itself with its window attributes. As the popup appears rarely, i have set ContinueOnError property as True.
If the username is true, robot logs in and reads the successful text in the popup.
But if the username is not valid, i want to throw an exception to handle it. But ContinueOnError property does not allow.

Alternative ways can be considered. But i want to point on ContinueOnError property of On Element Appear action. This propety comprises all other action’s exceptions in the OEA container. So I can’t throw an exception while the property is True.

Thanks for your support.

I could not relate with this problem. Am i missing something?

ContinueOnError will ignore if the activity faults and move on.

If you set it to true and the element does not appear, the process will carry on.

If you set it to false and the element does not appear it will throw exception after the timeout.

You also need to look at the RepeatForever option and either select waitActive or WaitVisible.

Yes, this is the smilar case. There are alternative ways to work around this. I just want to point it out.

Yes,i see. I think I can not detect error if activity fails or can not throw an error.